Family Owned Business

Established in 1997, J&J (Jacob & Joseph) Buying Services is a family owned, small-medium private limited enterprise. We provide end-to-end sourcing services to leading home improvement retailers in Europe & the U.S.

Headquartered at Delhi (NCR), we also have a fully fledged Regional Office in the South, located at Coimbatore (Kovai), Tamil Nadu.

Spread across India, we have four satellite offices. Two offices in the North, located at Panipat in the state of Haryana and Jalandhar in Punjab. The two offices in the South are at Alleppey in the state of Kerala and at Karur in Tamil Nadu.

Starting 2014, we have also spread our sourcing activities to Europe with focus on Central & Eastern Europe, the Baltic & Scandinavian countries .

We are focused on the Home Improvement segment of the retail business.
Lowe’s of the USA & Groupe Adeo of France are our oldest clients. We have had nearly two decades of uninterrupted sourcing partnerships with them for the India sub-continent.

Our greatest source of pride is that every one of our clients have stayed bound to us, from the inception of our partnership.

Our Fundamentals

  • We encourage our associates to be entrepreneurs at work, giving every employee the greatest possible autonomy, freedom with responsibility by reposing trust in them.
  • Always going beyond the “immediate” in our relationships with the desire to build long lasting partnerships.
  • Valuing & building relationships of substance – be it with our customers, vendors or associates.
  • To be able to work together in the multi‐cultural, multi‐religious environment in India, accepting and respecting differences, bearing in mind the true spirit of “Unity In Diversity”
  • Ensuring local presence & local adaptation at our satellite offices, taking into account the culture & traditions of the region.
  • Conducting business with fairness & integrity.

Though a small-medium enterprise, it shall be our endeavour to try and be a force for good in the world of business – a company that helps define good business with most ethical business practices.

Values That Bind Us Together

  • Conducting work with integrity, transparency & dedication.
  • Being honest & candid in our associations.
  • A low key approach with emphasis on humility & simplicity.
  • Doing business with a human touch.
  • Striving to have a conducive & healthy work environment by way of :‐
    • Listening
    • Empathising
    • Exercising gratitude
    • Acknowledging initiative
    • Showing understanding & patience
    • Learning to respect the differences…

At J&J it is all about “Internalising” & “Living” these core values which we try to rekindle and instil in day today work.