Our Services

We provide end‐to‐end buying services to our clients. In our business model, we ONLY get paid by the clients, for the services we render them.There is strictly NO monetary transaction between J&J and the vendor.

We have a dedicated Sourcing Development team further supported by a meticulous Merchandising team. Our Industrious Quality Assurance & Order Management teams help execute the orders.

We are equipped to manage the challenges of scale, quality & cost associated with the procurement of merchandise for the big retailers.

Among our clients, we are as much at home with small family owned operations as with large global multi‐nationals. Large, medium or small, our flexibility ensures that every client associated with us, finds a perfect fit. The Sourcing Consultant (Packaging) of a premium chocolate manufacturer in Europe once said " I always get the impression that I am J&J’s only customer when dealing with any of their employees, though I am fully aware that my business constitutes only a small fraction of their income "