Major Retailers We Work With:

World No.2 Home Improvement retailer based in the USA.
J&J has been the sourcing partner for Lowe’s since 1997 for India and since 2014 for Europe.

World No.3 Home Improvement retailer with Headquarters in France.
15 retail chains in 12 countries. Retail formats include – Leroy Merlin, Bricoman, Bricocenter, AKI, Zodio.. all dedicated to the Home, enabling us to extensively penetrate the European retail markets. On Adeo's wings we also procure products for their business units in Russia & Brazil.
Another long standing Sourcing partnership for India since 1998.

3rd largest Home Improvement retailer in Europe.
A sourcing partnership for India since 2002.

No.1 retailer in Canada.
In sourcing partnership for India since 2001.

We believe in working with a limited number of clients, maintaining long term relationships & strong partnerships, to help provide personalised end-to-end services with Transparency & Integrity.